Get ready for 2022 with these handy resource ideas.




Class set - mini whiteboards

For instant feedback, formative assessment, and low stakes for students who don’t have to worry about perfectionism and writing neatly in their books.

Click here for some suggestions on how to use mini whiteboards in your classroom.

Assorted dice, including 10 sided (0-9) dice

Great for a lot of probability and statistics games. 

Click here for some ideas of how to use dice in a classroom

Simple document projector

For projecting student work - saves time instead of asking them to rewrite it on the board. Sharing student strategies is a powerful technique. 

Watch this video by Prof. Peter Sullivan from around 2min mark:

Click here

Algebra tiles

Algebra Tiles are a simple manipulative that can help develop students’ understanding and confidence with algebra, at many different levels.

Intro video: click here

Simply search “Algebra Tiles” on YouTube for many ideas starting from simple integer addition all the way to factorising quadratics and completing the square. 

Playing deck of cards

Multiple uses - especially number based games.

Recommended cards: 

School Friendly Cards


A large selection of different types of cards can be found here.

Fraction snap flash cards

Cards that have fractions depicted in multiple representations to help students form and understanding of different ways of representing quantities that are not integers.

Representations: fractions, decimals, graphs, images, words etc.

Here’s one printable we have created at MAV. Just print, laminate, and cut up: Click here


Free digital tools for class activities, graphing, geometry, collaborative whiteboard and more. 


Free digital classroom activities for building understanding, where teachers can track student progress. 

Also digital tools like CAS Calculator and dynamic graphing software.